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To repeat is not to cheat, the aim is to elaborate on an already timeless design.

Vacuum Formings

Vacuum formings’ are often required to hold a given product in place, and we have the experience to be able to create formings in house to the exact specification required. The finished design would then be ready for production at the customers’ desired vacuum forming supplier.


The solutions we develop go beyond the physical aspect of a folding carton for a product.

As the parent company to Praxis Prototypes, Sharp Cutters allows us to offer significantly more.

Since 1985 Sharp Cutters has supplied cutting and creasing forms both locally and further afield. The synergy between the two companies allows us to distinguish ourselves from our competition.

We are able not only to design and develop innovative packaging but to then design the outer transit carton complying with any logistical restraints. In addition we can then go on to design and supply the free standing point of sale structure the carton will ultimately be displayed on when it arrives at its’ destination.

Having so much control over multiple items under just one roof has many benefits. Changes can be made easily and any consequences from that can be dealt with immediately. Response time is a crucial element of packaging design briefs and can determine the success of a product.


Solid and Corrugate board are the two staples for most primary and secondary packaging. For some time plastic products have been increasing their market share and we have enjoyed success over the years with a number of polypropylene designs. All that we have to offer in the way of fibre board applies with plastics and we have collaborated with the UK’s largest supplier of high quality APET and PET.

Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is also an area we have experience with and we can create 2D images leaving the sample making and proofing to any of a number of suppliers.


The final decision is then the customers where to manufacturer and we can take on small specialized production runs should that be required, allowing our customers to use of the full range of services we can offer.

Over 30 years of design experience across a wide range of packaging design disciplines means we are able to successfully meet the design requirements for our customers.