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deserves great packaging
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Retail Solutions

The elements are all brought together.
Working in perfect harmony. What a wonderful thing a good idea is.

No two products, even if similar in function will require the same packaging solution. Our product insight, from working closely with our customers, allows us to tailor each and every proposal as uniquely as the given parameters will allow. By working this way, brand identities begin to emerge and strengthen their market share.


The way we shop has also changed beyond all recognition in the last decade. Whether internet or ‘click and collect’, we are demanding more from our packaging both in integrity and functionality yet the aesthetic qualities remain a priority. A customers’ first encounter with a product is, more often than not, visual whether in store or on the go, so finding the right packaging solution is key to success.

Working closely with our clients ensures that decisions made create a well-founded solution catering to the many needs of both product and its’ surroundings.

The implicit faith we share with our customers in the product enables a quick response time, from concept to sample, from sample to launch. Ever reducing lead times means this is be a period of total focus and commitment to the end goal.

Graphic Requirements

Graphic input is an area in which we also have had great success.We can take the outline details from the client and develop their thoughts into a well-balanced and commercially viable piece of artwork or we can take and established brand and develop them to exploit new markets or additions. The graphics, once agreed upon, can be manipulated on to the digital profile and a 3D visual created on screen which allows a ‘reality check’ to see how the images lay on the choosen packaging solution so highlighting any issues which may need to be changed prior to costly production. This virtual proofing can add to the speed of response time and reduce costs.

Once approved artwork can be sent to any location worldwide to be manufactured at source if that be the case.

New product launches are welcomed and have been handled by our team with great success over the years. Here the quality of information is key and complete commitment from all parties involved. The spectrum of experience Praxis Prototypes can offer means there need be only one point of contact and should be regarded as an extension of one’s own internal resource.