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‘A highly talented carton board packaging designer with exceptional levels of creativity and overall experience of what makes a great piece of packaging.’

‘He grasps the brief quickly and is imaginative in his implementation of the brief. He comes up with some ingenious, but practical idea which help to give you some edge in the market place. Whichever market place you are in!

I love working with him!’


Praxis Prototypes has taken the decision to invest in one of AXYZ’s wide range of CNC routers have been specially engineered to bring your sign & graphics to life. Achieving visually stunning results in both 2D and 3D and the ability to cut a wide variety of substrates including wood, foam, metal and plastic with an edge quality that is far superior to anything you’ve seen before.

AXYZ International offers the choice of 366,918 standard machine configurations. Whether it be varying process areas, cutting head options or optional production tools, AXYZ can provide a completely tailored CNC machine to suit your every need.

This investment will allow us to strengthen our ability to design the plastic components your product needs, backing it up with the industry norm digital files to allow us freedom to choose a supplier. Bottle tops and many other components can now be taken into account and once again reduce the number of suppliers and customer would require from the outset. Embossing dies will also be one of the features we will be able to offer as a part of our service.

From a manufacturing aspect the router allows us to build many features into the cutting form allowing faster running speeds and less downtime which in turn increases the value of each pack validating the decision to use Praxis Prototypes.